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  The Company is a professional manufacturer of gravure cylinders for color printing that has persisted in the tenets of professionalism and devotion and emphasized quality and services as well as united, practical, innovative and progressive actions.
  Over the past years of development, teamwork has become a fine tradition of the Company and laid a good foundation of the Company's achievements, and now each single piece of product from the Company is the fruit of concerted efforts of all the related departments and workshops. In the Company, ISO9001:2000 quality management system has been implemented and the workers are encouraged to be real and honest to each other and be cautious and conscientious in work yet with a mind open to new, creative ideas. Today, the Company's main products cover gravure cylinders for soft packing, printing cylinders for cigarette packing, heat transfer printing cylinders, and embossing rollers.
  The Company now owns over 30 sets of electronic engravers, including M850 gravers from the US, MDC gravers from Switzerland, and HELL gravers from Germany, and complete world leading supporting equipment such as grinders, polishers, electroplating system and proof presses. As a comparatively large scale printing cylinder maker in east Guangdong, it now has clients across the country and offices in Shenzhen and Chengdu.
  In the future, the staff and management of the Company will continue to work closely together to provide first-class products to all the clients with good corporate culture, professional electronic engraving technologies, rich experience in cylinder-making, modern equipment, and scientific management.