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Positive energy and responsibility

2015/08/31 14:54
Even if wages are not high, I do not complain, because I myself hard enough.
Even if does not work, I also want to hear Wu Xianghong teacher's class, because it is an opportunity to grow knowledge.
Even rework a few, I do not negative, because you can learn, improve their ability to。
Even if the work tired, I have to live, because life is very long.
Even life abandoned me, I have a strong bulging, because to me there are a lot of care about me and love me.
Even under the storm, I have to go home, because I want people at home.
Even if the failure is always with me, I have to fight it, because I am strong.
Even disappointments in all likelihood, I would put aside troubles, because everything is normal.
If not immortal, I also do not notoriety, because I am a self-esteem of people.
Even made a small mistake, I have to humbly accept criticism from others, because it can continue to self-improvement.
Even if I have to pay a great price for my mistakes, I'm going to assume, because I am a person rectifies.
Even if I suffered another major grievances, I have to forgive, because a step backward.
Even scared, I'm going to try, because the chance only once.
Even if my view is not to be recognized, I have to work hard to come up with something that makes everyone recognized, because I believe in myself.
Even if the work tired, I have to work hard to fight on, because the road is their own choice, to be brave to go on.
Even if busy and hard, I have to Huijia see, because my parents are worried about us.
Even if busy, I have to pay attention to your body, because the body is the capital of revolution.
Even if the older generation sometimes ugly, I have to accept, because resented.
Even if not good sentences, I have actively trying, because the response of others is a virtue.
Even if the task again tight, I have strictly the rules, because the quality is not vague.
Even smile in tears, I have to say sorry, because tried, once out of reach.
Even badly written, I have to pay, because I've worked hard.
Even busy, long way to go, I have to complete, because this relates to the schedule.
Even no matter how busy work, I have to do every day thinking, because it is an effective way to forge ahead of me.
Even if I was in the depths of darkness, I will not be afraid, because I know I was luminous.
Even if I do not make sentences, I have to work hard to put this sentence well, because this is my job.
Even failed to do, I'm going to try, because how do you know not what not tried?
Even though I was not very good, I have to work hard to fight, because I understand that the opportunity to go on their own grasp.
Even if the work tired, but also change their attitude, because I love the job.
Even leaders unreasonable arrangements, but also obey the command of leadership, because leadership also has its own difficulties.
If not the scope of their work, as long as the leadership arrangements, but also go all out, because I love the company.
Even then poor mood, but also change their attitude, because even continue to work.
Even electric carving workshop spotless, but also cleaning, as this is one of the programs work.
Even if the work tired to bother, I have to calmly face, because I love this job.
Even great pressure of work, I have to work hard to do their job insistence, because I believe it will get better.
Even if someone criticized me in the back, I have to control their emotions, because they do not deserve me to care.
Even if employees do wrong, I have to patiently explain, because this is my job.
Even the staff was very angry, I have to smile to the face, because I believe that a smile can change the mood.
Even if I pursue quantity, I have to ensure the quality, because I believe that the quality and quantity are good is good.
Even if a lot of problems encountered in the work, I have to find a way to solve, because that is my responsibility.
Even though I was not the best, I have to believe he is the best, because I believe in myself.
Even rework, and I have to learn to analyze, because that next time it will not make the same mistake.
Even if the work goes wrong, I want to continue working, because I can not have a resistance to give up.
Even bother, I have to smile, because that can relieve stress.
Even no matter how tough, I have to insist, as I believe I can do it.
Even if there is resistance, and I turn it into power, because I can self-improvement.
Even in a bad mood, I have to smile, because I like calm in the face.Even in the morning to go negative, I will laugh it off, because I listened to the speech Wu (blessing normal)
Even though my life is very short of money, I would not hesitate to invest brain, because I believe that the harvest will be far more than the pay.
Even if difficult, I have to work hard, because I want them to prove themselves.
Even unhappy life again, I have to smile to the face, because the mentality to make a good start.
Even fall further pain, I have to adhere to smile, because it is a valuable experience.
Even tough life again, I have to work hard, because I know the future lies in my own hands.
Even then go hard, I have to continue to go, because life is like riding a boat behind.
Even if things better, I want to share with partners, because good things should be shared.
Even busy, I have to call the elders, because they will worry about me.
Even hard to get the manuscript, I have to work hard to complete, because this is my responsibility.
If not young, I have to keep learning, because learning regardless of age.
Even life unhappy, I have to calm, because the impulse is the devil.
Even if everyone does not support me, I have to continue my ideal, because the road is to come out on their own.
Even though I was a big setback, I must continue to move forward toward my dream, because everything is the ultimate dream of frustration on his way touchstone.
Even urgent thing again, I have to calm, because chaos footing urgent, urgent but not chaotic, steady to win.
Even though I am very comfortable, I can not stalled, because I want to go further higher.
Even if the weather is bad, I have to laugh about, because feelings can not be controlled by the outside world.
Even across the street from the flashing red light four or five seconds, and I have to stop and so on, because rather slow a point not to fight three wonderful.
Even if not in charge, I would also do its part, because the work is their own.
Even if a good short-term performance, I have to hold, can not relax, because a place on the loose.
Even knowing what the success rate is very low, I'm going to try, because the attempt would never succeed.
Even if I face the greatest difficulty, I have to work hard to overcome, as long as want to overcome the difficulties ahead heart was unimpeded.
Even outside more exciting, more attractive, I have returned to live at home, because home is the warmest and most secure.
Even something wrong to punish, I have the courage to admit, because it had to go this conscience.
Even if there is a lot, I have to get it done carefully, because this is my responsibility.
Even if someone promised something hard to do, I have to try to do, because I do not want to slip of the tongue.
Even if I do not like sentences, I have to work hard to write, because I abide by its commitments.
Even fall, I have to get up and continue to walk, because the road to success is not so smooth.
Even if busy, I have to find time to go home, because family is my motivation.
Even social injustice again, I have to continue to work hard, because I believe the chances are of people who are prepared.
Even on a cloudy day, I have to feel full sun, because the sun never ending hearts.
Even if someone in doubt, I have to believe in myself, because even do not believe there who will believe you.
Even if the pressure is bigger, I have to carry, because I need to grow.
If not my fair share of things, and I will actively participate, because we are a team.
Even if you do not like me, I have to do myself, because I was kind of me.
Even the face of growing old, I have to maintain a young heart, because attitude is everything.
Even then bad luck, I have perseverance, because all this is normal.
Even the future of confusion, I have to continue to move forward, because I believe always will see more beautiful scenery.
Even if you have more shortcomings, I have to accommodate you, because no one is perfect.
Even if life is very helpless, I have to remain optimistic, because the days have too.
Even if you do not care about my feelings, I would also like hello, because there is no pay is absolute can be rewarded.
Even if you are not satisfied with me from the practice, I have to listen to you finish, because this is the most basic human respect.
Even if you make a mistake, I want to forgive you, because rectifies the hell.
Even God has given me a lot of combat, I have self-improvement, because life is tough.
Even if you say that life is a drama, I have a serious play, because at least I had seriously.
Even then separated too far, I have to pray for you every day, because you are my family.
Even work Zaikuzailei, I will insist, because eating adversity tries.
Even no matter how tired, I want to finish what I promised to someone else, because people want to be true to its word.
Even my strength is microblogging, I have to do my ability to help Lushan fellow citizens, because we are all sons and daughters, he is a man!
Even if life does not always have the heart, the work is no exception, but I have an optimistic and positive attitude to look at, because now is not worth your own life difficult.
Even people than people will be mad, but I also better than, because there is no goal you will never progress.
Even though I like to play games, but I have to fight it, because the game I do not promising ah.